Strange behaviour using Env variable

I want to change font and fontsize in a script (shows time and date). In earlier fvwm versions (2.5.12 and later) it worked.

I do the following:

  1. define two Env variables in the config]SetEnv fontsize 12
    SetEnv used_font “Arial”[/code]
  2. In the script]Init
    Set $time_font = (GetOutput {echo xft:$[used_font]:pixelsize=$[fontsize]:bold} 1 -1)
    ChangeFont 1 $time_font
    Widget 1
    Size 75 23
    Position 0 0
    Colorset 11
    Font “xft:sans:pixelsize=14:bold”
    Type ItemDraw
    Flags NoReliefString
    but it shows only a small dash :confused:
    With Do {echo } $time_font a “correct” string appears in .xsessions-error: [fvwm][Echo]: xft:Arial:pixelsize=12:bold
    As I’ve changed $[fontsize] with e.g. “12” the time string is displayed in the correct font and size.

I’ve changed the variable $[fontsize] with single and double quotes but result is the same - only a small dash.
Also, if I’ve changed the widget property font string like Font "xft:$[used_font]:pixelsize=$[fontsize]:bold"
Only Font "xft:$[used_font]:pixelsize=14:bold" works.

Has there anything changed since 2.5.12 or do I something wrong?

[Edit]: I am using Fvwm 2.6.2


Try the CVS version from branch-2_6.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,

sorry, doesn’t work also.