Strange highlighting of icon in menu

ImagePath ${HOME}/.fvwm/images

Key Space   A   4   Popup Menu_Main

Colorset 0 fg white, bg black
Colorset 1 fg black, bg #FA0000

MenuStyle * Font "xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Roman:size=12"
MenuStyle * TrianglesSolid
MenuStyle * HilightBack
MenuStyle * MenuColorset 0
MenuStyle * ActiveColorset 1
MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%5.5i%|%5.5l%5.2>%|"

DestroyMenu Menu_Main
AddToMenu   Menu_Main
+ %music.note-24x24.png%"&This" Popup Menu_This
+ "T&hat" Popup Menu_That
+ "The &Other" Popup Menu_TheOther

The above code along with a transparent icon, causes the icon to get brighter when selected. It goes darker when not selected. Is there a way to stop this, either constant brighter/darker?

Here is a gif showing what is happening. Why is the image being highlighted? Still don’t know how to stop it.


Menu highlight is to see what to be selected. Created by the Colorsets.

Colorset 0 fg white, bg black
Colorset 1 fg black, bg #FA0000

MenuStyle * ActiveColorset 1

No highlight:
MenuStyle * ActiveColorset 0

Highlight with red text:

Colorset 2 fg #FA0000, bg black
MenuStyle * ActiveColorset 2

Not sure what this is supposed to do, but the icon highlight effect is still there.
It’s just changing my background colour to the forground colour.

Does this happen with other images? I couldn’t reproduce this using one of my transparent images, though not quite sure why the image would react to the color changing close to it.

Sorry, I missed the icon. I added your config to mine and made two icons. One transparent and another black background to check if its the icon.
There is no icon flicker. ActiveColorset doesn’t affect it.


Ok, here is the icon.

The icon along with just the configuration from the first post, should demonstrate the problem.

It happens with all my transparent images.

Yes, you are right. With your config alone, the icon is flickering. I found the solution. Problem is the MenuStyle * ItemFormat

Use this menu style:
MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%|%4.2i%5.3l%5.3>%|"

Fvwm default config:
MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%s%|%3.1i%5.3l%5l%5r%5.3>%|"

MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%|%4.2i%5.3l%5.3>%|"

MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%s%|%3.1i%5.3l%5l%5r%5.3>%|"

Both make the highlight go around the image, this is not desirable.

I got the point. It seems MenuStyle * HilightBack doesn’t follow the ItemFormat "%5.5i%|%5.5l%5.2>%|" specification but highlights also the icon.

I guess this won’t be fix then. Thomas just posted:

PLEASE NOTE: If you find any problems or bugs in this release, please open a Github PR for it. This is not the place to discuss bugs.

I guess it’s back to fvwm2. Sad, but I’ll try in another 3 years or so.


No, not at all. That’s not the point I was making.

You have a question which others are trying to help you with, that’s different.

I appreciate that fvwm isn’t easy, and it does often take more effort than other WMs out there. Not everyone has the time to devote to that – so if that’s how you feel, that’s fair enough.

For my information, on which fvwm2 version did this “icon in menu” work? On 2.7.0 there is the blink.

I like this idea of not highlighting the icon but item title. Not seen this ItemFormat before
MenuStyle * ItemFormat "%5.5i%|%5.5l%5.2>%|"

or style in other VMs.

@Franky Before considering it as a bug, there is a new manual page on Fvwm Web site. Search for ItemFormat. ---- Click here.