Style "KDE Desktop" StartsIconified?

The Subject pretty much says what I want to achieve: Sometimes I want to start KDE under FVWM, but I don’t want the KDE Desktop to hide my FVWM root window. As I haven’t found any option to startkde to start without the desktop, I guess it’s up to FVWM to manage that. Starting with the desktop iconified seems a good option to me.

Imagine my astonishment when among the 1756 Styles FVWM offers I could not find any option to achieve that! Did I overlook anything? Is there any way to achieve what I want?

I would surmise that’s some KDE application (The KDE filemanager) causing that. I suggest you look there. Much akin to the GNOME nautilus --no-desktop option,

Because that has nothing to do with FVWM whatsoever, that’s why.

– Thomas Adam

I don’t think so. I don’t want just to start the file manager (I do that all the time, no problem there), but the whole DE - just without the desktop. startkde doesn’t take any options, and while I haven’t looked further to see whether I can hack the script, I don’t want to go that route - much trouble, not portable and gets overwritten with the next upgrade…

I think it has someting to do with FVWM, if you want to start an application always in iconified state. There are other uses for this. Off the top of my head I can think of WMaker applets, some of which don’t show up in normal state, they only work when iconified.

True, probably this only deals with broken applications. But other window managers allow to control whether an app always starts up in an iconified state. WindowMaker, for one.

We’re probably talking at cross-purposes. I have no idea what this “Desktop” thing is – but you can’t iconify the root window – (which is what I was talking about). In your case, it’s obvious there’s some program or rather covering the root window – hence it is this you want to try and get rid of. You might be able to use a style for it (within FVWM) providing you can work out its name (FvwmIdent, or xwininfo will help you here).

As for starting iconified applications, you can try:

Style foo StartIconic

– Thomas Adam

Right, that’s exactly the thing.

That’s what I was looking for. Works as intended, too. Thanks!

That should happen automatically. If not, using FvwmButtons with FvwmIconMan is something you should look into anyway.

– Thomas Adam