Suggested improvement to FvwmButtons

When I place the mousebutton over one of my buttons I get the specified “ActiveTitle”.

The problem is that if I have a Firefox icon and have the ActiveTitle “FireFox” only “Fire” will be shown because the limited size of the icon. A solution would be to give each icon the size of the ActiveTitle, but that would look messy.

Why not make ActiveTitle function as in FvwmTaskBar (although the function is restricted to windows and not buttons) where a little box is show above the window (like win98).

When I swallow the FvwmIconMan each window it holds cannot have an ActiveTitle, so that is also a drawback from the FvwmTaskBar.

I would suggest that ActiveTitle gets replaced by the excellent feature of the FvwmTaskBar.

Any opinions?

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What you’re describing are “tooltips”. And what you’re describing has been hashed to death already, countless times. I’m sure FvwmButtons will support them. Just not yet. They will when someone patches them to do so.