[Suggestion] Development corner

Is it possible to create a new subforum that gives users the possibility to comminucate directly with developers, or people that help on the programming of fvwm. That way, suggestions can be done and bugfixes or questions about coding could be posted.

eg. I have a question about the dashes around text => “- text -” if an icon is made sticky. Will it be possible in the future to enable/disable those dashes?

I’ve heard there are only about 5 active main developers of Fvwm at this moment and, honestly, I don’t know any of them (or if I do, I don’t know they’re devs)

I like the idea of such a forum/section very much, but I’m afraid it would be pretty shortlived if the developers don’t check here.

But if there’s a Fvwm developer around here that is willing to support this then I’ll immediately make sure the required forum(s) are set up.