[Suggestion] mailing list gateway


It seems like this forum has become the best place to discuss FVWM stuff now, and I’ve found many useful things here.

However, I’m still not quite comfortable with the forum way of working, and would instead prefer a mailing list. I do know that many people like the forums better - and I also guess that this might be a reason why this forum is so popular - but I still think the ideal situation would be to have the best of both worlds :slight_smile:. Therefore, maybe the mail2forum gateway could be setup for the fvwm forum?


I’m afraid I don’t know how hard it is to setup, but it seems to provide a convenient way of writing mails to the forum!

Finally, I’d just like to thank the admins of the forum for a great idea and a very well-run resource about fvwm!

// Simon

Hmm, I didn’t know that was possible, I’ll have to test it on a private box first though, as this is hosted with a webhost and not with me, it should be possible to set up on this setup. But something I’m quite concerned about is getting e-mail format posts, which would mean a messy layout.

They could make their documentation clearer though, as I understand things now it:
[list][]supports PHP5 (whick this forum runs on)[/:m]
[]does not need an additional database, only adds to the existing phpBB database[/:m]
[]can be used with just a single simple pop e-mail account, like eg mailto:fvwm@lair.be[/:m][/list:u]
It might not be tomorrow that I can look into it though, I’ve still got some exams to study too :frowning:

There is an official FVWM mailing-list, see the fvwm.org site for more information – many of us (including myself) are subscribed to it.

Maybe, although I’d question the viability of doing it – that’s like putting a rucksack inside a carrierbag. What’s the point? :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

I know there is an official FVWM mailing list - I’ve also been subscribed from time to time to it. Last time I checked, the archives were offline, but at least before they went offline, there was fairly little non-spam traffic there. The forum on the other hand, is thriving. That’s what I meant with “the best place to discuss FVWM things”!

The point of a mail<->forum gateway would be that those of us that feel more comfortable sending and recieving messages from the regular mail program could do so, while those preferring the forum form could use that. Personally, I like my mail program editor (emacs, actually) much better than editing text in Firefox. The other advantage (for me) would be that I don’t have to check the forum for new messages, which I instead would just recieve in my mailbox.

If the gateway is easy enough to install (which I, alas, don’t know!), it would be something I would appreciate greatly at least!

// Simon