SVG icon support

Would you use SVG icons if FVWM supported them?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but only for iconfied windows
  • Yes, but only for menus
  • No
  • Not sure

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SVG icons support would be useful. Just imagine just having one set of icons for everything, instead of a bunch of replicated stuff, all at varying sizes … This would also avoid the hassle caused by icons in your ImagePath having the same name (but different size).

Apologies if support for SVG is already planned for FVWM!

Afaik it’s not planned and it would indeed be pretty useful, instead of having to have different sizes of icons around you’d only need one svg icon…would save some time and space :slight_smile:

Propose it on the fvwm mailing-list.

– Thomas Adam

What about imlib2? It supports any image format, as long as you have the proper plugin installed. And I believe most of the users already have it installed…