SVG-Icons - default-size


I try to pimp my configuration. And i found a nice set of SVG-Icons… Is there a possibility to set a default-size for this icons?

So i need 16x16 in Button and Menus. Do i have to put to every icon the size, or is there a Style-Commando for the size for Icons in different Places? Button, Menu, WindowList and so on…


Read the SVG section in “man fvwm”.

– Thomas Adam

I did this. But i got lost in Information… :frowning:

The only thing, i found out:
I have to put the size-information to every icon…

So this i found out before too. There is no explicit “Style * Icon size=16x16”… :-/


There is an “IconSize” style option, yes.

– Thomas Adam



I tried out:
MenuStyle * IconSize 16 16
Style * MiniIcon IconSize 16 16
Style * IconSize 16 16

The MiniIcon in the FvwmButton is 48x48… all the time…

have a look on the “video”-Button:

Sorry, i don’t understand the syntax and documentation in that point.


No – you guessed. You didn’t say this was for FvwmButtons. So, given this is SVG you’ve no choice but to scale it in-line with the XML.

– Thomas Adam

Oh sorry… i wrote “So i need 16x16 in Button and Menus”, so i tought, its clear, i need this in FvwmButtons too…

Thx for the info. This is, what i got from the manual also… :slight_smile: