Switch windows and label active window (like FvwmProxy)


just another basic question: I have 4 xterms on my first page. The terminals are arraged in 2 “rows”. Sterm 1 and 2 in the first row, and xterm 3 and 4 in the second row like the following should display:

xterm-1 xterm-2
xterm-3 xterm-4

( I use “tile” from the menu, which calles the Module FvwmRearrange to get this.)

Now what I want to do when working in terminal 1:

  • switch to terminal 2: using a single alt+tab.
  • switch to terminal 3: using alt+tab+tab+tab(!!!)
  • switch to terminal 4: using alt+tab+tab
    So, I wan’t to cycle counterwise to through the windows on the current page using alt+tab. (like the windowmanager ratpoison…)

On additional thing which would be very great (because Im used to it because of ratpoison) would be, that the currently focused window has a label in its center like FvwmProxy does. The problem is, that FvwmProxy labels always all windows on the screen, and I just want to have the active window to be labled. So when Im using alt+tab a few times, the labe jumps clockwise from window to window…

Is anything of the above possible?

Thanks for always helping me and sorry for my bad english,

P.S. Im sorry if this has been already discussed in another thread, but I wasn’t able to find anything like this…

“Tricky” to do since the window ring works either from creation time of windows or last focused. You can’t conditionally reverse the window direction on conditional commands except when using All but this won’t help you here, so the best example of how you can approxmate what you want is:

Prev (CurrentPage, AcceptsFocus) Focus

You could use FvwmButtons to achieve this:

DestroyModuleConfig titleofwindow:*
*titleofwindow: Rows 10
*titleofwindow: Columns 2
*titleofwindow: (2x10, Title "?", Id "A")

Key Tab .... SomeFunction

DestroyFunc SomeFunction
AddToFunc    SomeFunction
+ I KillModule FvwmButtons titleofwindow
+ I Prev (CurrentPage, AcceptsFocus) Focus
+ I Module FvwmButtons -g 200x20 titleofwindow

DestroyModuleConfig FE-fc:*
*FE-fc: focus_change "SendToModule titleofwindow ChangeButton A Title $[w.name]"

Module FvwmEvent FE-fc

Will need improving.

– Thomas Adam