Switching screens as I move an xterm around my desktop

As always with fvwm, my grasp of the basic fvwm language is execrable, so I’ll try to use regular language. When I try to move, say, an xterm around from one of my six desktops to another, it used to be the case that the focus would follow me around, and I could, say, move from my top left desktop to bottom right without ever letting go of the mouse. Somehow I managed to change my configuration, and now I’m trapped inside the current desktop. I can move the xterm to the bottom of the screen, then I have to use PgDown to move to the one below it, and move the xterm some more with the mouse. My understanding is that this has something to do with SloppyFocus, but I have Style * SloppyFocus set in .fvwm2rc, so that’s not the solution. I’ve tried MouseFocus and various other kinds of options, but nothing is working. Could anybody advise please?

Thanks, Leo