systray poll

two questions:

  1. what systray do you use?
  2. what is the main reason?

this is because i know that there are a lot of systrays but i need (or think i need :wink: ) to have a mixer and amsn in it


i use trayer, cause when i tried others , i always failed to make them transparent and swallowed.
It’s not very nice because the icon has not a transparent background but it work.

I have found systrays to generally be a nuisance as most of them don’t work, work only part of the time or only certain versions work (peksystray…).

Not to mention the nontransparent trayicon problem which look really ugly. So in the end I just did away with them. I don’t minimize my apps anymore anyway (unless in very very rare cases)…

i needed a traybar for amsn and kamix but i think i can do something else… for amsn i can put its iconic window in a fvwmbutton… is it possible?

No, it’s not possible.

– Thomas Adam