Systray to swallow in fvwmbuttons


I am finishing my fvwm config (2.5.12) and the only thing I miss is a systray application (or notification area) where gaim for example could be “iconified”.

I tried peksystray and docker but the both don’t work: I just have a black rectangle in fvwmbuttons and that all, no gaim icon when I close it (the program is still up)!!!

do you have any tips or ideas ???

Regards, Brice

You could try xystray.

– Thomas Adam


thanks for your answer! I found something that seems to be programmed for fvwm, see: the soft is called trayer :open_mouth:

this app can stand alone anywhere on your desktop!

The only problem I have is to draw a border around it (see my other thread in the forum general configuration question).

Regards Brice

Glad you like it :slight_smile: Here’s a function to make it run:

# Trayer <edge> <align> <margin> <distance>
# Options:
# <edge>,<align> - top, bottom, right, left
# <margin>,<distance> - pixels

DestroyFunc Trayer
AddToFunc Trayer
+ I PipeRead 'killall trayer; sleep 0.2; while [ x`pidof -s trayer` = "x" ]; do echo "Exec exec trayer \
--SetDockType false \
--widthtype request \
--heighttype pixel \
--height 24 \
--edge $0 \
--align $1 \
--transparent true \
--alpha $[TrayerAlpha] \
--tint $[TrayerTint] \
--margin $2 \
--distance $3"; sleep 1 ; done'

Remember to set $[TrayerAlpha] (number, 0-255) and $[TrayerTint] (hex, 0xRRGGBB) or put your values in the function.

Some style settings follow…

Style trayer Sticky, NeverFocus, WindowListSkip, FixedPosition, \
FixedSize, StaysOnBottom, NoHandles, BorderWidth 1, HandleWidth 1, \
NoTitle, NoIcon, Colorset $[cs-panel-border], \
BorderColorset $[cs-panel-border], HilightColorset $[cs-panel-border], \
HilightBorderColorset $[cs-panel-border]

$[cs-*] are the colorset numbers to use.