t-shirt, pollover with fvwm logo?


are there some people interested in some t-shirts, jumpers etc with somekind of nice (yet to produce) fvwm-logo on it?

If there is enough interest, the print itself may is cheap, and you would have something nice to wear :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, may add a note below. Maybe you’ve got a nice idea about what to print as well?

I personally would order, if that ever will get real, 2 T-shirts or so :slight_smile:


Well, places like Cafepress: cafepress.com are often a good place to start.

– Thomas Adam

I setup some images, which are meant to further edit.

the fvwm logo:
inkspace, xara etc: calmar.ws/tmp/fvwm.svg

xteddy gimp: calmar.ws/tmp/xteddy.orig.xcf

a quick hack (shirt-screenshot):

anyway, it’s possible to choose everykind of shirt (many shirt-colors are available), sweater, mug, etc.


It’s also possible to setup extra-graphics for every person.
When you like not-fvwm related stuff, why not just setup it as well, so it will be one ‘bulk-order’ finally?

To the cost they show on the page, you need to add about $5 for shipping usa-europe. and then, from europe again some $ to the final destination. I don’t yet know, how to organize that shipping thing in the most smart way. Only ordering one/two shirt, and let them ship is directly to each person, would be about $12. Also an option maybe. (since when the packet is below some amout ($60?), there should be no duty-taxes (not where I live at least).

Maybe someone happends to be in the USA, and travels to europe, that might be an option as well?

Anyway, there will be some reasonalbe way to get them from the USA I guess.

It seems, they use ‘high-quality’ printing as durable as silk-screen-printing. It seems.


I like it, gimme your quick hack on a black shirt and that’s one sold :wink:

Btw, for the USA people, they can come to the meeting :smiling_imp:

I made a collection of some things:


just to provide an overview of what is all possible.

ideas, wishes welcome :slight_smile:

Damn I am interested in it but I think I am a little too late. I have a pair of jumpers with me but it won’t go with anything. I thought a pair of joggers might do well with it. Are you guys still planning to make tee shirts?