Tabbed FvwmButtons

I was browse around and came across THIS. Down in the bottom corner theres the Tab Launch Pad. Would it be possible to build something like that with FvwmButtons? The only thing i can’t figure is how to got it to open a new tab with different icons per tab. Any thoughts?


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Maybe with 2 Fvwmbuttons swallowed in another third…

The first on top with the tabs… and the second withe the buttons…
when clicking on one tabs, the second change… I don’t know if it is possible… but maybe…

You could do something similar with panelized FvwmButtons (man FvwmButtons)

IIRC, theBlackDragon had somethin this way in his config

It is indeed doable, you’ll need to create one FvwmButtons instance to hold the tabs, the appearance of tabs can be given by using pixmaps, the other ones are just Panels that you make all the same size. Using Geometry should probably start them at the same location…:slight_smile: