Take active window to new screen

I was having a play with the XGL LiveCD yesterday. It has the same shortcut keys as my FVWM setup to switch between screens (Ctrl-Alt-Arrow), which is nice.

It also has a “Take currently active window with you when switching to a new screen” option, which struck me as a useful command: I’ve always used a menu to move windows to a new screen, and then followed the window with the appropriate shortcut.

I’d far rather be able to use a shortcut key combo to go to the new screen & take the window with me. I’m sure FVWM can do it, but I can’t work out how to tell it to.

Any suggestions?


I’m using only pages in my config, so here is my cut:

[code]DestroyFunc FvwmWindowKeyMove
AddToFunc FvwmWindowKeyMove

  • I MoveToPage $0 $1
  • I GoToPage $0 $1

Key KP_Home WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 0 0
Key KP_Up WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 1 0
Key KP_Page_Up WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 2 0
Key KP_Left WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 0 1
Key KP_Begin WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 1 1
Key KP_Right WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 2 1
Key KP_End WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 0 2
Key KP_Down WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 1 2
Key KP_Page_Down WTSF CM FvwmWindowKeyMove 2 2


Having seen the answer, I can’t believe I needed to ask the question! :slight_smile:

Much obliged!


Just for your own interest’s sake, you can replace $0 $1 with $*, since are you aren’t interested in manipulating any value – you’re just passing them on.

– Thomas Adam

Nice idea! Thank you for it :slight_smile:

Just as an update: I tried with the “MoveToPage, GoToPage” approach, but it made the window flicker annoyingly.

Instead, I set it to make the window Stick, GoToPage, unStick: Accomplishes the same thing, but more smoothly.

Do you have:

FlickeringMoveWorkaround On

set? If not, that might help.

– Thomas Adam