Taskbar matters

I have some problems with the Taskbar here.

  1. I’d like to disable the clock in the taskbar. I haven’t found anything in the manpage about disabeling it.
  2. The Taskbar leaves an annoying little space at the bottom right corner (about 5 pixels or so)
  3. And then I’d like to leave some space at the bottom left corner for xmms. I have experimented with Geometry for a while now but whatever I do, the Taskbar takes the full width of the screen (apart from the 5 pixels mentioned above)
    What i want to have looks somewhat like this:

Beginning of screen|[—Here is XMMS—][—Taskbar stretched till the end of screen —]|End of screen

can realy noone help me here?

Well, I thought I answered your post, apparently I didn’t, sorry :blush:

But FvwmTaskBar really isn’t a very powerful module and it’s got quite a load of annoying quirks.

I used another module to reach the same result, I’m not entirely sure but I think it was FvwmIconMan which I configured to look like a pager. I don’t have that old config on this machine, but if you can’t figure it out I’ll try to find it for you :slight_smile:

Can I use Buttons within FvwmIconMan?

Because I want to have a Button on the left and one on the right of the Taskbar. Or can I use FvwmButtons for it?

You could use FvwmButtons for that and then just swallow the FvwmIconMan (swallowing FvwmTaskBar does not work, I once tried it…)

Could you please help me with this? First of all, I don’t know anything about swallowing and second I don’t get any satisfaciory results here. If I open enough windows the buttons move off the screen. They should have a variable widht and shrink if more windows are opened than it could normaly display… just like the taskbar does.

I made a little picture how it should look like in the end.

Nice screenshot :laughing:

I apologise for such a long delay, but either you’ve been waiting a long time, or you’ve figured it out by now. As an example of swallowing FvwmIconman inside FvwmButtons, take a look at the following screenshot:

edulinux.homeunix.org/~n6tadam/f … conman.png

The bar at the top is probably what you’re wanting to emulate – the FvwmButtons panel at the bottom is separate to it.

My FvwmIconMan configuration looks like this:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMans: *
*FvwmIconMans: ManagerGeometry 1x1
*FvwmIconMans: Background darkgrey
*FvwmIconMans: Foreground black
*FvwmIconMans: ButtonGeometry 31x23
*FvwmIconMans: FocusAndSelectButton down black grey
*FvwmIconMans: FocusButton down black grey
*FvwmIconMans: IconButton down blue darkgrey
*FvwmIconMans: PlainButton up black darkgrey
*FvwmIconMans: SelectButton down black grey
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 0 N sendcommand Nop
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 2 N sendcommand Thumbnail
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 1 N sendcommand "Iconify off", sendcommand RaiseLower, sendcommand FlipFocus
*FvwmIconMans: Action Mouse 3 N sendcommand "Popup FvwmMenuWindowOps Rectangle +$left+$top 0 -50m"
*FvwmIconMans: ReliefThickness 4
*FvwmIconMans: Resolution Page
*FvwmIconMans: DrawIcons Always
*FvwmIconMans: FollowFocus True
*FvwmIconMans: UseWinList True
*FvwmIconMans: ShowOnlyIcons False
*FvwmIconMans: Format "%t"
*FvwmIconMans: Sort id
*FvwmIconMans: DontShow icon=Untitled resource=Untitled title=FvwmButtonsBottom title=xbuffy title=xloadtime title=xlassie title="Desk 0" title=ncmpc

The FvwmButtons that contains the IconMan looks like this:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmBar: *
*FvwmBar: Frame 1
*FvwmBar: Padding 2 2
*FvwmBar: Rows 23
*FvwmBar: Columns 71
*FvwmBar: (71x23, Swallow "FvwmIconMan" `Module FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMans`)

To start the whole thing off, you’d just have to do this:

Module FvwmButtons FvwmBar -g somexgeometry+0+0

The ‘-geometry’ part is optional, of course.


– Thomas Adam