Taskbar on top of full-screen Wine window

The taskbar for the most part is behaving well. It stays in front of everything on the desktop when I move something under it (although I usually don’t do that; I have the EwhmBaseStruts properly configured to stop maximized windows from using its space. When I run LibreOffice Impress and go into a presentation, it does occupy the full screen, and covers the task bar, like one would naturally want it to.

However, when I run something from Wine that goes fullscreen, the taskbar is still in front of it. I suspect there’s a Style option I can apply, perhaps just to wine windows, perhaps globally, that will make the fullscreen Wine window cover the taskbar. Does anybody know what it is?



Two thoughts, first is just ‘Raise’ the wine window, to put it at the top of the layer. If the wine window is on a lower layer than the taskbar (or you don’t want to deal with Raise), you can put the wine window on a higher Layer. One quick way to do this is the StaysOnTop style which puts the window on the highest layer.

What I ended up doing was something I’d figured out years ago and forgotten about… I have a couple of items in the window ops menu that let me move a window between the standard layer and the “stays on top” layer. Most of the time I want the task bar to stay on top, but if I want to run something fullscreen in wine, this lets me quickly move the taskbar manually to the standard layer.