taskbar on top

hi every body

i am new fvwm95 , i want my taskbar to be on top instead of bottom i using (fvwm95-2.0.43a on linux-2.4.21)

 can somebody help in changeing this does i need to change in system.fvwm95rc file
 r in source code then compile it and install

if i am worong plz rectify me

 best regards

FVWM95? That’s a really old fork of FVWM. If you want to make FVWM act as windows95, you’d be better off grabbing the 2.5.X release of FVWM, and doing it yourself, or using fvwm-themes.

As for making your taskbar stay on top, you can add a style line for it:

Style FvwmTaskBar StaysOnTop

What you’re wanting to change is doable via a facet of FVWM’s configuration, and not one that requires you to edit the C source-code. All you need to do is edit your .fvwm2rc file in this instance.


– Thomas Adam