taviso's config

I think I must be the only one here without a screenshot thread, so here’s mine :slight_smile:

I use Xinerama, so wide screen screenshots sorry :slight_smile:

As you can see I have two FvwmButtons panels that swallow some useful utilities, some things you can see:
[] 4 System Monitors made using xosview[/:m]
[] FvwmPager, 3x3 pages[/:m]
[] Taskbar made from FvwmIconMan[/:m]
[] Digital Clock, FvwmApplet-DigitalClock from fvwm-themes[/:m]
[] and a notification area (peksystray)[/:m][/list:u]

The lip on the top of the taskbar and the left of the panel slide the panels off screen and then re-maximize any windows, and adjust the ewmh struts automatically, it works really well. If I slide them back onto screen, the struts and any windows affected automatically snap back into the correct position.

The decor on my windows is all gradients and vectors, no pixmaps at all. The inactive windows just have the buttons with no symbols, the active window has the symbols draw in (such as X for close), and the background of the button turns white if it’s active, eg the maximize button is white when the window is maximized.

I also have a skinny version of the decor I use on small or utility windows, such as calculator, xmag, etc.

My menus are translucent, which looks pretty good, imho :slight_smile:

My favorite feature is dynamic menus, such as these application menus which have custom entries based on the window type (such as “New Tab” on browser windows, or “Fetchmail” on mail windows), and only show relevant entries (Windows without decor dont get a “Hide Decor” entry).

You can read more about my menus if you’re interested from my last post about them here. Of course, I still have my wallpaper browser menu :slight_smile:

I also use an Autohide console so I can always get quick access to a terminal even on a busy desktop.

This little panel is a desk switcher:

It slides out when i click the number, and back in if i click it again, and has buttons to move forwards and backwards thorugh desks, it probably sounds weird, but really handy if you run out of space a lot.

If anyone is interested in any features I have here, help yourself to my config, available here:


If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Some more screenshots for the interested:


nice :slight_smile:
I used parts of your previous config in the past. I think I’m going to use parts of this config (dynamic menus for example) for the config I’m making.

are the icons still available somewhere?
I looked at you post on the gentoo forum mentionned in your config, but that doesn’t work (anymore?).


Hey taviso. I have always loved your screenshots…or should I say your configurations. You are one of the main reasons I use Fvwm and have been hooked ever since your first post on the Gentoo forums.

I like your titlebar buttons. I have never been able to understand how vectors work but I certainly like the way yours look. And it is impressive that those are not pixmaps…which I have liked to use. Might have to try it now with vectors. Do you use xfig to make diagrams and then convert them to the vectors?

You are a constant inpiration and now have forced me to work on my own config since I have been soooo lazy. I used to have a real nice config that I had adapted over time but I somehow erased it and now have to start over. What a pain.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


fvwmwiki.org/Configuration/D … figVectors

– Thomas Adam

I can always count on someone here pointing to the right direction. I have not been to fvwmwiki in a very long time. Thanks for that helpful page.

Never mind…I downloaded the wrong one…sorry!

I’m not taviso mind [1], but a quick scan of the comments at the top of the config file, suggests it’s answered in the FAQ there as question 1. :expressionless:

– Thomas Adam

[1] I am sure he’s greatful for that. :slight_smile:

Yes, he mentions a post of him on the gentoo forums in which he explains how to download them, but that doesn’t work anymore. At least not for me.
If taviso wants to upload them somewhere, I can give him a temporal ftp account on my server to host it there for a while.


Hey, yes they stopped distributing the icons, I still have a copy though: here and the key icons (made by me in gimp :slight_smile:) are here.

how to make screenshots with an open menù?
i can’t make screenshot if i have an open menù on the desktop!!
thanks to all!!!

introduce a delay of a few seconds between giving the command and the actual moment of the screenshot. This can be done for example with scrot.
during the delay you can open the menu.

ah ok… i use “sleep” with import but i didn’t understand that i had to open the menu after the start of the screenshot function
thanks a lot!!

Hello Taviso,

First of all, thank you for your wonderful fvwm configs :
the previous config release and this one are totally amazing !!
Lucky that fvwm has someone like you, who made and shared such great configurations !!

1/ background :
Soo, I tried your configuration but cannot get the background workign
I have sthg braun … and not my wallpaper stored :
I also tried to place it : /home/patrick/.fvwm/.wallpaper
(my .wallpaper is this one: membres.lycos.fr/patrick295767/m … .wallpaper
I dont know how to make it work

2/ I could make/ place my wallpaper via using : xloadimage -onroot -fullscreen ~/.wallpaper
but I then gets some troubles of transparency with the fvwmrootmenu, which is then not transparent
and also the kxdocker which is not transparent,
and the icontitles

3/ I would have like to get under the thumbnailed icon the
icon title like you have there on the top hand left corner: dev.gentoo.org/~taviso/screensho … -messy.png
soo, I did:

Style * IconBox 20 20 100 -15, IconGrid 3 3, IconFill left top, NoIconTitle
and tried :
Style * Colorset 3, HilightColorset 2,  BorderColorset 3, HilightBorderColorset 3
Style * HilightFore black, HilightBack White

and the result is as follows: membres.lycos.fr/patrick295767/k … 202006.png
whcih is not like : dev.gentoo.org/~taviso/screensho … -messy.png

I am sorry of being very crap still in fvwm, but I am trying my best to understand more and more, and really wish to progress.

Thank you very much for your help, sharing your knowledge, shown us very impressive videos (metisse, your config …)…


my fvwm2rc: membres.lycos.fr/patrick295767/m … a/.fvwm2rc
my menus: membres.lycos.fr/patrick295767/m … data/menus
(under construction)

22 April 2006:
After some work, I found out what was the problem with the installation.
I actually installed my linux box from server install, and of course some packages can be missing.

I will as follows indicate the useful installation for new fvwm users or new linux users:
(debian base)

For the icon style & font & transparency:
in the .fvwm2rc, I added :

[code]Style * Colorset 3, HilightColorset 2, BorderColorset 3, HilightBorderColorset 3
Style * HilightFore black, HilightBack White

Style * Font “Shadow=1 1 SE:xft:Aquafont:size=11”, HandleWidth 1

for the fonts

Colorset 12 fg white, bg black, fgsh black, RootTransparent
Colorset 12 fg black, bg black, sh lightgrey, hi white, fgsh black, IconAlpha 30
Style * IconTitle, IconTitleColorset 12, HilightIconTitleColorset 12, IconTitleRelief 0
Style * IconFont “xft:Aquafont:size=11minspacing=True”, IndexedIconName, IconBackgroundPadding 2[/code]

For the wallpaper, fbsetbg should be installed to see sthg else than braun or grey color :
and for the translucent windows:

apt-get -f -y install transset
cd /root/miniram
wget http://patrick295767.sitesled.com/miniram/transset-df_4-1_i386.deb
dpkg -i transset-df_4-1_i386.deb
apt-get -f -y install transset-df

cd /root/miniram
wget http://patrick295767.sitesled.com/miniram/fbsetbg-20060330.tar.gz
tar xvpfz fbsetbg-20060330.tar.gz
cd fbsetbg-20060330
make install
echo “fbsetbg should be installed now”
cd /root/miniram[/code]


Recently, I installed E17 desktop and I am making use of it (engage) with fvwm.
that’s very nice combination

Thank you very much Taviso, for your Great Config !!