Teamviewer und Maus

Hallo, wenn ich ein Server, SUSE 10.3, opensuse11.2 oder SLES11 sp1 mit fvwm2 installiert, mit Teamviewer über Internet verbinden, kann ich das Shell Fenster nicht vergrößern oder verkleinen. Ich kann gar nichts mehr machen, bis Kunden auf seinen Maus bestätigen. Kunde kann das Shell Fenster große verändern, ohne Problem. Ich kann, per Teamviewer, das Fenster verschieben, zu machen und neue aufmachen. Hat jemand eine Idee?


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Sorry, as am American Ishould have know better. I have a Server with any one of the following OS, SUSE 10.3, opensuse11.2 or SLES11 sp1 with fvwm2 and Teamviewer installed. When I start Teamviewer over the Internet, I can’t adjust the size of the Shell window. When I klick on the edge of the window my window freezes and I can’t do anything until the customer klicks on his maus. Then my window funktions again. The customer can adjust the size without any problems. I can change the position of the windows anywhere I want. Does anybody have an idea?


I’ve installed Teamviewer on my system at home. As I am back I will test it. But as I know all works fine on my machine …

What Fvwm version do you using?

The oldest one is fvwm2-2.5.21-69 and the newset fvwm2-2.56.26-41.3.x86_64.

Hmm … unfortunatelly no 2.6.x package is available at the OpenSuSE package search for your used OS versions][/url]

Is it possible to install Fvwm from sources? You can use the ‘make rpm-dist’ command to create a rpm package.
How to do this see here][/url]

My company won’t let me do that. Sofar it is not a big problem. Everything else works, I just can’t resize the shell window. As it works fine from the console just not with teamviewer. I think it has something to do with the way teamviewer grabs the mouse. But since I’m new to teamviewer I quest I’ll just keep tring different settings.

Ok, first update.

Szenario 1: connect from other system to my system (unfortunately over LAN only - not over internet)
Other system with Gnome 2.6 and Teamviewer 6
My system with Fvwm 2.6.6 and Teamviewer 6

Can resize host window and windows on guest side

Szenario 2: connect from my system to other system

Strange … After connecting to the other system it logs out after 1 or 2 seconds and goes back to login screen.

Tomorrow I am at a friend of mine and he has an OpenSuse 11.2. Then I will check it again. Perhaps it is a problem of the very old LinuxMint 8 on my other system.

Sorry for late reply but I haven’t had time over weekend and my friend has deleted the OpenSuSE installation :confused:

But now I’ve tested it with a win xp guest system. All works as expected:

  • resize a guest window or move it.
  • resize the host window

So from that point of view teamviewer 6 do what it should …

I’m afraid, I cannot help you more … perhaps, if I have time I can install an OpenSuSE system with Fvwm from its package system …