Terminal: FvwmCommand Restart

Not familiar with FvwmCommand and I am also not sure if it does what I have read. FvwmConsole commands to run in a terminal? I have a bash script that requires “Restart” Fvwm.

FvwmCommand Restart gives the same error posted by others.

Cannot find FvwmMFL socket None.
Please start FvwmMFL module from your fvwm configuration.

FvwmCommand manpage tells to run:
AddToFunc StartFunction "I" Module FvwmCommandS , still gives same error.

(Fvwm3 version 1.0.4-122)

If you just want to restart FVWM, killall -SIGUSR1 fvwm3 may be easier.

I start FvwmConsole from a menu, but with basically the same command, and it works for me.

DestroyMenu	FvwmMenu
AddToMenu	FvwmMenu
+ "FVWM Menu"				Title
+ "FVWM &Console%mini.term.xpm%"	Module FvwmConsole -bg blue -fg white

That menu has worked for me in fvwm2 2.6.8 (and quite a few versions prior), and now in fvwm3 1.0.5 (1.0.4-135-gc8763635).

Additionally, issuing the simple command Module FvwmConsole in the FvwmConsole window, opens a second console window.

Sorry for the late reply… thanks, it works well. Didn’t know about “SIGUSR1”, still learning. :slight_smile: