Test with EnvIsSet does not work


The following does not work for me when typed in FvwmConsole:

SetEnv t 10
Test (EnvIsSet t) Exec exec xterm

Does anybody know why?
My version is 2.5.12.


It does work. Why it doesn’t work for you is anyone’s guess, but in isolation as you have it there, might not be the whole story depending on where it is in your config file (posting a link to this would be useful). Furthermore, 2.5.12 is ancient. Use FVWM 2.5.23, please.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for the reply thomasadam,

I was doing this from FvwmConsole, but it doesn’t work when loaded from config file either. I guess EnvIsSet condition is broken in 2.5.12. It works fine under 2.5.23. Too bad I can’t upgrade because it’s not my computer, but I guess I can circumvent this using PipeRead.


If it’s not working in your config file then it’s highly likely you’re encountering a timing issue – there’s a post somewhere on these forums from me explaining it. Where are you setting this SetEnv from within your config file? It ought to be right at the top if it’s not dependent on any operation, or its value does not change.

Can you put your file into a pastebin or something?

– Thomas Adam