Text selected when I do double click in it

Hello everybody, I have a question about cygwin/fvwm and the text selected when I do double click in it.
Well, the problem is that I working much with copy/paste, and when I do double click in text in a list for example only selects text between point and point or between point and bar, and I want to select the entire line, although having points and bars.

It is possible??


This has absolutely nothing to do with FVWM.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,

It has nothing to do with fvwm? sure? I say because I asked about this in a cygwin forum and the responses are that this is not a problem of cygwin, surely of fvwm.
Perhaps i’m on error…

Thanks anyway

Yes, someone is in error on that list. Text selection is not a property of the window manager, but of the XServer.

– Thomas Adam