Text Verification Was Really Hard To See

Hello, I’m new to these forums but before I begin posting, I would like to mention how incredibly difficult it was to see the verification code when registering. After trying about 20 or so different times I finally managed to get one right - whoop.

The only other option was to contact an administrator. :open_mouth:


Yes – I made it that hard, deliberately so because I was (and still am to a much lesser extent, thankfully) sick to death of handling spam here – it should not detract that much time away from helping the people on here.

So yes, it might have taken you twenty times, but the fact of the matter is, here you are – and you got past it. So you’re not a bot. Which is what I would have assumed, by the way, given the shit name you’ve chosen for yourself, it makes you look like a bot.

– Thomas Adam

I like spam and thankfully it’s not my real name and I am not a robot. :slight_smile: