Thanks, Thomas.

I just wanted to post this and say a HUGE HUGE thank you to Thomas for doing all he does for the forums. Without him, many people would be lost trying to understand everything FVWM has to offer. Whilst I have never posted here before now, I have always read the posts here and everything he’s written for the linuxgazette.

Thank you so much, thomas. You have made me a very enthusiastic FVWM user because of your work.

I’m honoured, although there’s plenty of other people here besides myself.

– Thomas Adam

You are too modest, this forum, and indeed the entire FVWM community wouldn’t be where it is now without you.

The amount of practical knowledge you possess about FVWM and the way you manage to explain even the most obscure and strange details in an understandable way to people with varying levels of knowledge have contributed enormously to the instream of new FVWM users and especially in keeping them. And then I didn’t even mention the enormous speed at which you tend to answer questions, and not only here on the forums.

With the forums nearing their second birthday as an active community I think it’s safe to say that I’m not only speaking for myself when I say: thank you Thomas, for all your time, patience and help.

blushes, that’s very kind of you. Thank you.


couldnt have put it better myself, theblackdragon. Im prolly right in saying Thomas has replied to every single question ever posted here with such accuracy and insight that I know i have learnt so much from him.

its important to sing other peoples praises, especially when theire not getting paid to do any of this. and its clear in this case that your a leader thomas, of the fvwm community. i have learnt so much from you i want you to no it and everyone else as well.

thank you.

i remember an ingenius solution you posted here once about dynamic volume control thru fvwmbuttons and a very odd but complex piperead oneline and sendtomodule. ive been using it since and its the best thing ever.

Thomas is the only reason I still am using fvwm on my laptop, and now I’m trying to get it on my desktop, I don’t know why either it’s just something about fvwm.

What did I do?

– Thomas Adam