Thanks Thomas!!

Woot, the forums are back online!!


Yeah that’s soooo wonderful!!!

Big big thanks to you Thomas



Many thanks Thomas to bring that important source of information back to live !!!

That’s really nice!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Excellent news!

A lot of fvwm knowledge is kept in the forums!

Thanks a lot!!!

Really? Have you any ideas of categorisation, or extracting this knowledge into some other medium?

– Thomas Adam

thanks a lot!

categorisation etc? mmh. The hole bunch should be analysed, checked (and finally updated). Don’t know if this is worth it.

It is, depending on what’s deemed “important” here. But I wouldn’t know what that is.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for bringing this back up Thomas since I didn’t manage to :slight_smile:

Thank you Thomas for the work on this forum.

I think than what is important here is specific to each user.

Just an idea, maybe not a good one but…

1)If we goes from that simple idea of just show the question/problem/idea from the one that starts the thread and the final answer which more or less leads to a solution.

2)Then there could be two levels in how you could fold out the rest of the thread, one level where the user can fold out to see parts of the discussion - the parts that are close to solve the problem - or atleast points in the right direction.

3)Level two to fold out the whole thread.

If we just as a beginning, see the question and the solution - that shoulld be a very good starting point.

Maybe also add a ranking system for each user when (s)he mark the problem as solved to determine which part of the thread should be at level one two or three. ((s)he just need to answwer for the one and two.

Maybe also the possibility to change interface (mode.?) of the forums to show the comprimed parts of the threads or the whole threads.?

Then we come to the big problem - who should rank the existing threads…

I have some ideas there to, but I wait with them until I see what you think about this.

I don’t see that happening tbh, it seems as implementing something like that would require quite some modifications to the board itself. Something I’m not particularly fond of, maintaining a modified phpBB is a pain as I found out before we upgraded to phpBB3 and I doubt either me or Thomas has the time or inclination to do so (or the required php experience to do it properly. I know that I, for one, don’t).
Using good subject lines and sticking to one problem per thread should go a long way to maintaining searchability (if there is such a word) of forum information.

Guides and howtos can be stickied in their respective forum sections and should ideally be published on the Wiki as well, a medium better suited to that kind of information.

Is it possible to import threads in that way to the wiki.?

For Example - for a search on the wiki for restartfunction you should find the subjectline and a few keywords of this thread

If you choose to unfold it, then post one (the question) and post three (the best ansvar) should be seen.
And to show the whole thread - a link to it’s place on the forum.


Yes, it’s possible. You’d still have to trawl through the threads to do what you want, but ikiwiki has a few plugins I should think which would make the linking easier to do.

– Thomas Adam

Ok, thats a project to do.

Nothing tells that all threads need to be added - probably a lot should not, but if we all could help to import our owns and/or our favorites then we will be one step in the right direction.

Maybe I should open a new thread about this.?

As I don’t think that I can manage to get it done by myself- but I really would love to see it done, so I am asking you all at the forum.

Does anyone want to contribute.?


Yes please.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you Thomas Adam for opening the forums again. It has been a great help for me to (re)read all the posts here when setting up my config as it was before my computer crashed.

It is also the best source to gain information from while I create my new config which I will post here as soon it’s stable enough.

again, Thank you Thomas Adam