The Focus Policy I want

I want to achieve such focus policy,

Assume there are two windows overlapped on the desktop, I need

  1. Click to focus window A
  2. When I move the cursor out of A, it doesn’t lose its focus but window B raises in that I can have a full view of its frame.
  3. If I move the cursor back to A, It raises over B, but if I click on B it get the focus immediately while still raised.

Could someone give me some hints or codes? Thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

Then let me assume that the window name the same (unlikely) in which case you would want:

Style A ClickToFocus
Style * MouseFocus

This, however, is contrary to point 2, below.

This is not possible… easily. To do that you would almost certainly have to use ‘FvwmAuto -mleave’ as a Module, and things get complicated there. For starters, -mleave happens after you lose focus, which is not what you want. I suppose you could do something like:

Module FvwmAuto 0 -mleave "Silent \
Prev (AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus NoWarp"

… which would focus the last window that lost it, whilst keeping the pointer in the window to which you moved it to, initially.

Ok, assuming I understand (your somewhat complex) requirements, then you will be wanting to use FvwmAuto. Luckily for you, FvwmAuto has a few nicities associated with it (see above), although point 3 about “if I click on B it get the focus immediately while still raised.” – will take some work, and in the end, the slowness of it, is not worth it.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your advice!
But I don’t want my PIII box involved in too many modules, simply Focus Policies…
Maybe I got my words messed up, in point 2, I just want to move cursor out of A and enters into B’s frame, then it raises…
Still hard? I can’t understand the manual for Focus Policy but eagerly want a convinent config…
Can I ask further about your private config about your Focus ? Thanks

Ah, OK. Look at:


… as an option.

I use sloppyfocus, and not a lot else. I did explain how focusing works (with caveats about config ordering), which may or may not help you:

– Thomas Adam

It DO HELPS a lot!!!
Now I know exactly what is FP…
I gonna spent my spare time on it later, to achieve the very policy that fits my need…
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: