The FVWMforums to wiki project

Just opened this thread to start a discussion how to import valuable threads from fvwmforums to the fvwmwiki.

I am still a noob at fvwm and have never edited a wiki before so I should need a lot of help from you all that want to contribute to get this project going.

Where I at post 12 and down stole part of the thread from viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2656&p=13134#p13134
from you all that want to thank Thomas Adam for that he get the froums back online again. (sorry for that Thomas).

I quote part of the thread here


Note that I have no time or interest to help with this.

If you’re really serious about this, why not put an announcement out on the fvwm@ mailing list?

– Thomas Adam

Great Idea, but last time I tried post to the list my message was bounced back.

I will try post again in the near future.


What was the reason for the bounce?

– Thomas Adam

I have to dig to find which adress I used at that point.

I found it.
I think the error waas on my side.

Gmail seems to default to html-formatted mails, and I have changed that setting for that account from now.So I will in a near future post tot the list about the FVWMforums to WIKI.