The Great FVWM Postcard Appreciation Experiment (v2)

Hello all,

Many years ago now, I ran an experiment whereby I invited people to send me a postcard in the post to show their appreciation for fvwm. In return, I too would send a postcard back with something unique…

It was a really nice thing to have done…

Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting a few people asking if they could donate monetarily to fvwm3. While this is possible, it’s not something I’m interested in. It would be a lot more fun in my opinion to receive a postcard from someone, and for me to respond in kind.

So, if there are people interested in this idea, do let me know. For obvious reasons I won’t be publicising my home address on the Internet, but if you would like to try sending me a postcard, let me know!

Thomas, I truly admire the simplicity and complexity of FVWM, in both the 2.x and 3.x version. FVWM is the default window manager for me in Slackware and OpenBSD (VM). I’d love to exchange a Minnesota BlueOx postcard with you, can I get an Isles of Scilly one in return? Cheers, BrianA_MN