The mrxvt terminal emulator

Well, since I don’t see a section for mrxvt yet. I continue this diversion from pem’s original post :wink:

I have the same problem with the rectangular boxes splitting the terminal in half. Interestingly it only occurs on my AMD64 box. My laptop and Zaurus PDA while using the same .Xdefaults do not have the verticle line down the terminal. This line seems to be related to carriage return as the Fortune text seems to wrap at that point. It also screws up MC. See screen shots
(Sorry about the size of the screen shots, can’t figure out how to represent link as thumbnail)


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downpour, jerrybme:
All right, I was mistaken :blush: Anyway, never seen that before :open_mouth:

I still haven’t figured this out. The only other difference between my gentoo laptop & desktop (other than 64 bit) was direct rendering wasn’t working. Finally got my xorg.config right and direct rendering is working but still no effect on mrxvt. Oh well. No clue why 64 bit would make a difference.

It probably doesn’t make a difference – indeed, it shouldn’t make a difference. You might want to ask the mrxvt developers to see whether they can come up with anything.

– Thomas Adam

jerrybme: This is kinda OT, but you’re running FVWM on your zaurus? Which model, and where did you get your OS rom?

Back on topic, my mrxvt’s have always had the little squares, but not at the edge of the screen. They show up in things like elinks where they should be a double solid line surrounding a message box, but instead it’s those little squares. I thought it was the font, but I dont have the problem in xterms with the same font, so I’m not sure what’s causing it.