The progression of my screenshots.

Well, I just found this site and I really like it! I have been using fvwm for about a year and a half now, and I have learned a good ammount of information about fvwm. I have even converted a few people to fvwm!

So, my configs started at version1.0, and I have now finally reached 3.0 or 300% of what I originally wanted in my config.

As such, I would like to post the transition of my configs for you guys!

In order of my configs from earliest to latest.

1.0’s … wmtest.jpg … mtest2.jpg … -icons.jpg … m-july.jpg

2.0’s … wm-2.0.png … wm-2.2.jpg … m-2.3.jpeg … wm-2.4.jpg … 2.5_r1.jpg

3.0’s … .0_rc1.png … .0-rc2.png … .0-rc3.png … vwm3.0.png

Wow, I just realized I had a lot of them. Anyways, I also have the fvwm2rc files for all of the 2.0’s, and 3.0’s, but just one of the 1.0’s/tests.

I will be happy to answer any questions or comments about any of them, and a lot of the diffrences in the 3.0’s are under the hood stuff. :slight_smile: Enjoy!

in your fvwm2.5_r1.jpg i love the portage menu entries…great idea.
the rest looks nice as well though…:slight_smile:

Thank you. The entries never dissapeared from my config, they where just commented out as I went back to slackware. :slight_smile: However, if you would like the config file for that, it is here: … /fvwm2.5rc

just search for emerge -uD world.


3.1 is up. Finally finished up some theming that made 3.0 really REALLY ugly. … vwm3.1.png … 1clean.png

wow, I really like your theme (3.1). It would be great if you could post the config.

/david … 3.0-Final/

sorry for taking so long.

Everything is in the link.

lookin good ratbert :wink:

You have some really cool stuff in your screenshots, I like this a lot!

But why did you change away from Gentoo? :wink:

Slackware was my first distro. It just seems cleaner then gentoo to me.

Ratbert90, I have one question.
What’s that on the top of your screen in 3.0rc1 and 3.0rc3? Is that IconMan or TaskBar? Thing is, I’m using IconMan, and I want to get that free space between buttons…you know what I mean, 2-3px of free space. I tought it’s not possible with IconMan…

And about your Gentoo emerge function… It doesn’t work for me :frowning: Any ideas why? Should I post the errors? :frowning:

It probobly doesn’t work because either a) The code is wrapping itself, or B) the menu is not set up for it.

The icons at the top are controlled by fvwmtaskbar.