the Schedule command

Hi all:

Simple question: does the Schedule command have guaranteed delivery? e.g., will it always occur, regardless?

I have a function that uses schedule, but about 1 in 20 times, it doesn’t work at all. it looks like this:

AddToFunc MyFoo
+ I DoThis
+ I DoThat
+ I Schedule 1500 DelayNowDoWhatNot

AddToFunc DelayNowDowhatNot

My delay function doesn’t always seem to work… any suggestions or comments are welcome… I am just a little confused as to why my function isn’t always being called.


It’s a little flaky.

That ought to be working OK. What is defined in “DelayNowDoWhatNot”. What I suggest you do is something like this:

AddToFunc MyFoo
+ I DoThis
+ I DoThat
+ I Schedule 1500 Exec exec xmessage "hello"

And run that function the same number of times. If you’re not noticing any mis-runs, it’s probably your function. If you really want a synchronised delay, then you might try replacing the Schedule line with:

+ I PipeRead `sleep 2s && echo 'SomeFunction'`

– Thomas Adam

thomas –

I think I’ll try it with the sleep for 2s delay, and see if that fixes it… I am also trying to log my steps through my function, but can’t seem to get my print to write out to file. below is my Piperead to write to file, can you see anything wrong with it?

+ I PipeRead `echo "in the function" >> /var/log/myLog.txt`

As usual, thanks for all your help.

  • Skender

You probably don’t have group write perms on the /var/log directory. Typically this is owned by root. I would advise logging to $[FVWM_USERDIR]/myLog.txt instead.

– Thomas Adam

yep. NO permissions to write the log there.

Thanks Thomas. I oh ya

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