theBlackDragon's screenshots & configs

I’ve uploaded a new screenshot of my laptop here.

The configuration can be found here.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

I don’t see any laptop… are you sure that it’s the right link?
j/k, nice job 8)


Thanks :smiley:

I’ve uploaded a new shot of my desktop. I’ll put the config online at a later date…

Shot can be found here.

I’ve uploaded my latest laptop config, screenshot is here.

Main differences are the use of FvwmButtons instead of engage, use of mouse gestures to do quite some stuff and the addition of some more keybindings.

More screenshots can be found on my site.

Lookin’ pretty slick 8) I wish I could get some xinerama action going. Need another screen though… :frowning:

What are you using for those yellow sticky notes?

For the notes I use xpad, really nice app btw.

If you want I can post my dualscreen config (after adding some more comments), keep in mind though that I use TwinView, which is specific for NVidia based cards…

Cool, thanks!

That’s okay…I have an ATI card anyway.

Long time no update, so…

Here we go

The configuration file is here

So what’s to see?

A pretty bare FVWM configuration, mainly because I don’t have the time to spend to tweak decors into perfection (well, I might have but I prefer to do other stuff in that time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Featuring Emacs 22 (aka Emacs-CVS) showing off fvwm-mode.el, flanked by TkMan and some xterms.

The clock is a simple FvwmScript and the thingy below was meant to be the start of a battery status applet but I never got around to finishing it as it works just fine for me like this… :blush:

The Vectors for the TitleBar buttons are from the FVWM website btw :slight_smile: