Theme updated

Hello there,

This is my new config.

As you can see, not many changes: my mouse-hovering icons have been replaced by a directory browser menu, a new mail popup notification, a smaller taskbar (in width and in height), icons now appear on top left corner when removable devices are inserted (thanks to dbus/hal/ivman and pmount)…

Find here a full size (1600x1200) screenshot (second one in 1680 resolution) and config.

(edited: last config and shots =>

Wouaw. Where did you find these wallpapers? I want them!!! :smiley:



Everybody asks me. All the time (even last time in fact).

Well, simply search DeviantArt.

And particularly for the galleries of ‘cyberworld’ (for Storm over Paradise) and ‘sican’ (for Pathway)…