Things to read

I thought I’d compile a list of useful links to different things about Fvwm.
So here goes (this list is a work in progress)

Your best friend; search: search.php

User mailing list archives:
Workers mailing list archives: …

FAQ from IRC/BB:
Beginners guide:
Config-from-scratch: viewtopic.php?t=188&highlight=scratch

(note: fvwm-themes is an “add-on-program” to fvwm itself which eases theme-management, but requires themes to be made compliant to the fvwm-themes specifications. So you can’t just pick up a plain fvwm-config and expect it to work in fvwm-themes)
Themes for plain fvwm:
(note: fvwm-crystal is a very specialized set of configurations, and needs some supporting applications for complete functionality [TODO:Linux specific?])
(note: fvwm-nightshade is a modern configuration with different themes and layouts. It has build support for deb, rpm, Arch, Gentoo and local installation)

A Simple FVWM Vector Buttons Viewer:


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Thank you for this. I’d also like to add more: … styles.txt – this seems to be a very popular topic with people at the moment. I urge people to read it, please. – Session management. – although intended for IRC, it does have some additional FVWM information.

– Thomas Adam

Even though linked from some of the other sources you mention I’d like to add that I keep a list of FVWM related links on my website, more specifically here.

Here’s a few more:

Common Pitfalls – viewtopic.php?t=1505

FvwmEvent example –

How to use FVWM to create a kiosk –

What is? I don’t understand what you mean.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for sharing. Good start for a beginner :slight_smile:

Never used the fvwm but maybe I’ll try it