ThisWindow thinks FvwmIconMan is always in a raised state


With this tiny ~/.fvwm/config (fvwm3, latest master, f1f7c4e):

Module FvwmIconMan

Key F1 A A Next ("FvwmIconMan") my_test

DestroyFunc my_test
AddToFunc my_test
+ I ThisWindow (Raised) echo my_test: $[] is raised

when I start fvwm3 (with -v option), open xterm, place it over FvwmIconMan window & press F1, I get this message in the log file:

my_test: 'FvwmIconMan' is raised

Why? No other Fvwm* window behaves like that.

Is there any Style option I can use to force FvwmIconMan not to lie about its position in the stack?

Hi @alex2

Looks like a bug, will take a look.

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