Thomas Adam's Second Config

Well, OK. It’s not really much different from my other config — but I decided to move a few things around to try and gain some more screen real-estate.

Essentially, I have (more or less) the same FvwmButtons bar as I always had, along the left-hand side of the screen this time, as FvwmPager swallowed in a separate instance of FvwmButtons, which I can use to navigate between desks. (I stole the idea from fvwm-themes).

Hence in this way, I no longer have the need for EWMHBaseStruts.

Screenshot can be found here: … 06-new.png

As can the configuration file: … dotfvwm2rc

– Thomas Adam

beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder! :slight_smile: you’re still brilliant, even if i hate your screenshots… snickers wildly

Gee, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hastily makes mental note to avoid forlorn’s questions in the future. Brilliance comes with a price. :P)

– Thomas Adam

And here I thought my 300 line config file was getting excessive…

It’s a means to an end. It does what I want it to in that many lines. It doesn’t make anything slower, and I don’t like splitting things up into many files — I find the fragmentation a nusaince.

Note that where applicable I have commented it – which although adds to this (non-precious) line count, it does serve as something useful.

– Thomas Adam.

In case it wasn’t clear, my post was meant in jest. You see, I consider my setup to be super minimal and yet it still manages to require a 300 line config file. If I commented the config file the way you’ve done yours, it would easily be 1500+ lines long. So it was an inside joke that only I’m on the inside of.

I haven’t had a chance yet to digest your config file, but it’s been enlightening so far. Thanks for posting it.

– Flatline

I know that – hence the smileys at the end of my sentence. :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what’s the ‘{{{X’ and ‘}}}X’ stuff?

Fold markers in Vim. So if you open it up in Vim and do:

:set foldmethod=marker

You can the move over the folds, and in normal mode press:


To toggle, open them. See also:

:help folds

– Thomas Adam

Slight update:

Nothing exciting. Oh, and before anyone replies with such comments as: “Wow, that’s ugly”, or: “Don’t you have any interesting applications to run?”, or: “God, you suck”, don’t. My screenshots reflect whatever I happen to be doing at the time.

– Thomas Adam

I didn’t realize vim could do that. Good to know.


I don’t think it’s ugly, but I cannot help getting flashbacks of the EGA palette and old Sierra games from your screenshot. Could easily be adapted to CGA colors as well! :slight_smile:

Personally, I’ve been stuck with the same basic look in Fvwm since 1998. I’ve only changed the color of the title bar and the contents in the FvwmButtons bar and menus.

I also don’t run any fancy applications, mainly rxvt, emacs and firefox, and mostly have these fullscreen (apart from the terminals). My setup looks plain and perhaps boring - no transparent windows, no fancy modules, black terminals and a solid-color background - but I’m very happy with it.

Maybe I should submit a screenshot after all!

// Simon


Pretty much the same as me, then.

Ah. I’m different in that I prefer ELinks.

That’s not boring, to me that’s just practical. :slight_smile:

Sure. Please do.

– Thomas Adam

Just been messing around with colours. I think I will keep it this way from now on:

– Thomas Adam