Three questions (icon title, rubberband, dropped events)

I recently moved to fvwm from tvtwm, pretty much only because tvtwm has a bug that causes it to crash if an app destroys one window and creates another too quickly (gaim exercised this bug all the time). So, you can guess I like my desktop ‘sparse’… :smiley:

Anyway, i’ve got three questions: first, the default icon (really, the icon title, I guess) for xterm is a 3D-style grey button. Is there any way to change the attributes of the icon title (specifically, flatten it, and make it blue)?

Second, is there any way to reduce the window-placement-rubberband thickness from 3 pixels to 1 pixel?

Last, I’ve been having a problem with mouse click events either getting lost or just ignored. After X has been running fine for some time, mouse clicks in title bars and the root window no longer produce the desired results. Titlebar buttons don’t work, popup menus don’t work, etc. Mouse clicks inside the application portion of the window work as expected, and button 1 in the titlebar still moves a window, but doesn’t work anywhere else. I have to bail out of X and restart it to clear the problem. It’s possible this behaviour cropped up at the same time that I changed to a (adminittedly cheap) optical mouse. I’ve changed back to my old ball mouse; I guess I’ll have to see if that clears anything up. Anyone have any ideas otherwise?



You can apply a colourset to the IconTitle. As to making it appear flat – in the colorset definition, just give the hi and sh values the same colour. Example:

Colorset 2 fg blue, bg foo, sh foo, hi foo
Style * IconTitleColorset 2

There’s other things you can look at — “HilightIconTitleColorset” as well as “IconTitleRelief”.

Not without patching the source.

Do you have any modifier keys on (such as NumLock, CapsLock, or ScrollLock?)

– Thomas Adam

These options are available in 2.5, not 2.4, correct?

I say, that’s it exactly. How embarassing.


Yes, that’s right – 2.5.X (2.5.14 at the time of writing) is perfectly fine to use.

– Thomas Adam