Three questions

Rather than starting three seperate threads. Here are 3 questions:

  1. Im using FvwmIconMan and ahve specified AlwaysOnTop, when using mplayer with fullscreen, FvwmIconMan is still on top as specified. How can i make an exception for mplayer?

  2. When i popup a menu and the menu grows from the bottom upwards the pointer jumps to the top of the menu. Can i turn this off?

  3. When i maximise my aterm it doesnt maximize fully. Theres a corridor of about 7 pixels at the bottom and 4 on the right of the screen. Does anyone know what causes this?


Hmm. Two things spring to mind. You’ll need to use FvwmEvent. In the best-case, Mplayer will open up maximized automatically, in which case you can check for that on ‘add_window’ of FvwmEvent.

If it’s not maximized but you choose to do so, then you will have to listen on ‘configure_window’. That’s a bit of a catch-all in this case, since there’s no direct way of ascertaining if a window is maximised.

DestroyModuleConfig FE-MP: *
*FE-MP: Cmd Function
*FE-MP: add_window CheckMplayer
*FE-MP: configure_window CheckMplayer
*FE-MP: destroy_window CheckMplayerClosed

Module FvwmEvent FE-MP

DestroyFunc CheckMplayer
AddToFunc  CheckMplayer
+ I ThisWindow (!MPlayer) Break
+ I ThisWindow (MPlayer, Maximized) Next (CirculateHit, FvwmIconMan) Layer 0 0
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) ThisWindow (MPlayer, !Maximized) Next (CirculateHit, FvwmIconMan) Layer 0 4 

DestroyFunc  CheckMplayerClosed
AddToFunc   CheckMplayerClosed
+ I ThisWindow (Mplayer) Next (FvwmIconMan, CirculateHit) Layer 0 4
Emulate Win

That’s either because you have EWMHBaseStruts set, or you need to have:

Style * ResizeHintOverride

I’d have preferred three separate threads — makes searching for things a little easier.

– Thomas Adam