Thumbnail placement


I am quite new to FVWM (2 days) but am already a huge fan.  I am currently using the thumb.c thumbnailing feature but would like to be able to specify the location of the thumbnails.  What do I change to effect the thumbnail placement on my screen?

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The IconBox holds the location and management of the iconified apps. Here’s my conf as example:

Style * IconBox 1240x650+20+60, IconFill top left, SloppyFocus Style * MouseFocusClickRaises, Padding 170 20 Style * NoIconTitle

thanks for the quick reply… modifying my existing IconBox line didn’t work, but yours does.

Original was

Style * IconBox 3 3 10 $[w.height], ClickToFocus, MouseFocusClickRaises, IconFill t l