Thumnail iconified window in panel


I’m creating my config according to the tutorial in this forum (from-scratch…). It is very good :slight_smile:. Now, I use the Thumbnail function to get screenshot of my iconified window.

Would it be possible to swallow theses mini screenshot in my panel?



Do you mean to use them in place of the mini-windows in the pager, or to have a a sort of taskbar that uses the thumbnails as miniicons?

The pager is certainly possible. I don’t use 'em myself because most of my windows are transparent terms on a dark background, and on a small pager I just get a murky mess. (A big pager is a different matter :slight_smile:) Look here for nore info on that.

For the second option, it’s nothing I’ve tried myself, but you should be able to swallow a FvwmIconMan, set it to use miniicons only, and that should solve the problem.

Glad you’re finding the from-scratch stuff useful :slight_smile:

Mmm, it is the second one. I would like a kind of taskbar that use mini-screenshots from the Thumbnail function.

I don’t know how to do it with FvwmIconMan since it can display the name, the mini-icon but not the sceenshot. I also tried with FvwmIconBox but it only display the name of the iconified window.

For now, here is my setup, I put a IconBox beside my panel…

The best way would be to swallow this IconBox in the panel but I don’t know how and if it is possible.



You should be able to swallow anything that displays an window. If you’ve got your pager swallowed there, you should be able to swallow the IconBox the same way.

Or is that when it starts just printing names?

I don’t know how to swallow IconBox, since it seems to be just a definition of where you want your minimized icon to go on you desktop. IconBox is not invoked, it is just define like that:

Style “*” IconBox 200x60+500+1, , IconGrid 25 25

So how can I swallow it since it doesn’t seem to be a module?

You’re in error – FvwmIconBox is a module – read it’s manpage, it has a bazillion options… :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Are IconBox and FvwmIconBox the same?

Even if I do not start FvwmIconBox module, I get icons on the desktop and I can define there position using style IconBox…

Yeah they are. FvwmIconBox is the proper name. IconBox is just me being sloppy

Something else I never tried. Sounds like it should work though.

Ok, I don’t want to say that you are wrong but the two things seem to be pretty different.

The IconBox that I define is a place on the desktop where the minimized applications go. On the other hand, FvwmIconBox is like FvwmIconMan and it displays all the applications open, not only the minimized one. In addtion, it has to be started using +I Module FvwmIconBox. And finally, it displays the name of the app and the mini icon but I could not make it displays the mini screenshot of the Thumbnail fonction.

So, is there a way to:

  • Either swallow the IconBox desktop region
  • or display the mini screenshots in FvwmIconBox (I know how to swallow this one)


Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, they are different.

How about you create a blank section in your panel. Maybe put an border tound it or something. Basically create one big button that does nothing. Then define your IconBox area onto that section of the panel. The only problem might be if you’ve got the panel StaysOnTop. I don’t know if you can do that to icons. Worth a shot though

Nice Idea!

I will play with RootTransparent colorset so I can see my icons bellow :wink:



probably won’t work unless you’re using the composite stuff from, possibly not even then. FVWM transparency cheats - you can’t stuff underneath other stuff - it just cuts a hole down to wallpaper.

The Composite extension does allow you to alpha blend windows, but I’m not sure how well FVWM has integrated support for this. And that’s about all I know about it, except that the last time I played with it, it crashed open office which was a Bad Thing.

If it does work, I’d like to know