Time in the title bar

Hello everybody! Well after some studies I managed to add time in the titlebars of HH:MM:SS windows, well I used Schedule Periodic 5000 PipeRead 'echo “Style * TitleFormat “date +%R” %c”' for this , it worked perfectly, but there were three bugs. 1 - Using Schedule Periodic above 1000 the hour has a delei to change, well this is not a bug in itself, but it interferes in the seconds, which would not be necessary, well, with values above 5000 the delay also happens in the minutes, but that doesn’t bother, but it leads to… 2 - For the time to work the way I want it, I would have to use a time of 1000 = 1 second, but that makes the cursor blink, videos and images and some windows too. 3 - I use auto hide in 2 FvwmButtos and when revealing it appears all blurred, coming back after a period, or sometimes it doesn’t come back. Is there any way this doesn’t happen with some function?