Timmy's screenshot and dot-fvwm to help show cool stuff

Well, i’ve finally gotten a decent config together to help FVWM beginners like myself. I’ve packed quite a few simple “tricks” that I’ve had a really hard time getting to work or finding how to do and I wanted to help others avoid the hardship I’ve dealt with. The screenshot shows everything… I think. And the tarball extracts to a timmy-fvwm folder, so just rename it to .fvwm. I haven’t tested it, but everything SHOULD work just renaming the folder except the wallpaper which is my fiancee and I’m not going to share that :wink:
The wallpaper should be clearly marked in my config.

And the tarball -----> [size=150]HERE[/size]

Nice shot, but could you please please please don’t use [img ] to display full sized images only thumbnails… So if you’d want to change thot:) Tia