Title-bar decoration problem

Hello everyone,

I’ve a problem with title-bar decorations, this is my ~/.fvwm/config :

Here my decoration file :

I have got of course this pixmaps ! Now i have not decorations ! Just the default decor decoration.

Here my start file :

Can anyone help me please ? Thanks anyway.

Why are you using functions to define your decors? :open_mouth:

My window decorations sections (on this pc) looks like this:

[code]DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor DefaultDecor

  • TitleStyle Centered Height 16
  • TitleStyle Active TiledPixmap cityofdreams/top.png – flat
  • TitleStyle Inactive TiledPixmap cityofdreams/top.png – flat
  • ButtonStyle 1
    Active (Pixmap cityofdreams/menu.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap cityofdreams/menu_shaded.png – flat)
  • ButtonStyle 6
    ActiveUp (Pixmap cityofdreams/minimize.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap cityofdreams/minimize_pressed.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap cityofdreams/minimize_inactive.png – flat)
  • ButtonStyle 4
    ActiveUp (Pixmap cityofdreams/maximize.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap cityofdreams/maximize_pressed.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap cityofdreams/maximize_inactive.png – flat)
  • ButtonStyle 2
    ActiveUp (Pixmap cityofdreams/close.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap cityofdreams/close_pressed.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap cityofdreams/close_inactive.png – flat)

Style * UseDecor DefaultDecor[/code]

The last line sets the decor as the default for all windows, the other lines are pretty obvious I think :slight_smile:


Thanks for you reply. I’ve resolved the problem by put the mouse gesture :slight_smile:

I try to use your method for decorate my windows :

DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor DefaultDecor

  • TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 20
  • TitleStyle Active TiledPixmap decoration/title-bar.png – flat
  • TitleStyle Inactive TiledPixmap decoration/title-bar-inactive.png – flat
  • ButtonStyle 1
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/menu-button.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/menu-button-push.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/menu-button-inactive.png – flat)
  • ButtonStyle 6
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/button-min.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/button-min-push.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/button-inactive.png – flat)
  • ButtonStyle 4
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/button-max.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/button-max-push.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/button-inactive.png – flat)
  • ButtonStyle 2
    ActiveUp (Pixmap decoration/button-close.png – flat)
    ActiveDown (Pixmap decoration/button-close-push.png – flat)
    Inactive (Pixmap decoration/button-inactive.png – flat)

Style * UseDecor DefaultDecor[/code]
With this lines, i have got my buttons, and only the title bar in center, not behind buttons ?
How can i do to have the title-bar pixmap everywhere ? (in center, behind buttons etc…)
With my first post, it worked well.

Please help :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Can you rephrase your question?

– Thomas Adam

Hello !

I have a problem with a button in my title bar. When i maximize the window, the button is not here. I think a screenshot is good for understanding :
here window maximize

and here normal window

Do you want to see my decoration config file ?

Hum i don’t know why, but now it works… :slight_smile:

Just for completeness:

This happens when you use MwmButtons. From the fvwm man page:

You probably hadn’t defined a pixmap for the maximized button.

I know, late answer, but in case anyone else gets the problem like me.