title-bar for gnome pop-up?

I have fvwm version 2.6.1 running on a gnome-session version 2.28.0, with an OS
Scientific Linux 6.0 (like rhel 6.0). Gnome’s “system–>Preferences–>Sound–>Hardware”
has a “Test Speakers” button, which if you click on it, pops up a window whose title
is either “Speaker Testing for High Definition Audio Controller” or “Speaker Testing for
Internal Audio” (as shown on a Metacity title-bar for the audio available on my machine).

But with fvwm I have been unable to get a title-bar on this window, trying code in
my config file such as Style "Speaker Testing for High Definition Audio Controller" Title .

Is it possible to get a title-bar on this pop-up? Or something that would allow one to
close this window without destroying the entire “Sound Preferences” window (which I
can do). There is a title-bar on this window if I use Metacity as the WM, on which
there is an “X” button that allows closing of the pop-up window, but without a title-bar
for fvwm, there is no nice way of closing the window and one is stuck unless one kills
the process.

I have no trouble getting title-bars for other windows, which I gather is the default
unless one gives it a !Title style. Maybe I need some better window identifier?

Any thoughts?

– Peter

Style * DecorateTransient

– Thomas Adam


Wonderful. Works like a charm.

– Peter