Title Text Area is 2 Pixels Shorter than Title Area

Hi folks. I hope this makes sense. :confused:

I decided to do a MultiPixmap scheme, using the Wiki Crux example as a guide. I started out with TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 20 and a gradient, then did a screen capture of that to use in creating the RightOfText pixmap. The pixmap is, of course, 20px height.

After fiddling around some more, I decided to make the Title 22px high, and of course now my pixmap is too short. I figured no biggie, I’d just take another screen cap and make a new one. So I temporarily made a window title “spaces” to expose a nice expanse of gradient, but I found that the displayed gradient was only 20px high.

Let me explain the attached screenshot. It’s a GIMP window, containing a screenshot of my Fvwm title area, blown up 8x. But then I had to reduce it in size for the forum. Click on the kek.gg link for a full-size image.

I pasted in my pixmap image, above the dit in Edit to show how the gradient image looks against the gradient under the title text. To the right of the title text, you can see the pixmap rescaled to 22px high but truncated to 20px and padded. And, you can the the Fvwm-generated 22px gradient at the top left, in the button area. It’s also clear that Fvwm is making a 20px gradient under the title text, and padding it 1px top and bottom. (And, apparently at the left as well)

I conclude from this that, despite the TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 22, Fvwm is still using the calculated height from the font for the gradient under the text, rather than my TitleStyle directive. EDIT: I just tried TitleStyle Height 32, and the gradient follows the same pattern, i.e. it’s 30px under the text, padded top, bottom, and left, so it appears that I need to find a way to disable the padding.

In case this is a known bug, fixed in later versions, I’m running [i]fvwm 2.6.5 compiled on Nov 14 2013 at 23:12].


I would appreciate any advice here, on how to make the title text gradient fill the entire 22px height, while still retaining the font I’m using. And eliminating the 1px padding between the button and the title text. (Odd that it’s only on the left, and not on the right. :open_mouth: )

Here’s a snippet of my config, which I think contains anything relevant. (For example, I have no other font directives, other than for FvwmPager, FvwmIconMan, and FvwmButtons.)

[code]Style * BackColor #cfc3b8
Style * HintOverride
Style * MWMDecor
Style * MWMBorder
Style * MinOverlapPlacement, TileCascadePlacement
Style * BorderWidth 3, HandleWidth 3, Color #eeeeaa/darkslategrey,
Icon linux.xpm
Style * DecorateTransient

needed for fvwmiconman

Style * !Icon

Colorset 0 VGradient 100 4 #cfc3b8 35 #e3d8cc 25 #948c84 15 #615b56
fg goldenrod bg #948c98 black
Colorset 1 VGradient 32 3 darkslategrey 80 cadetblue2 70 teal 10 black, bg grey

TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 22
TitleStyle Active Solid #a3a693
AddTitleStyle Active MultiPixmap
LeftMain Colorset 0
RightMain Colorset 1
UnderText Colorset 0
RightOfText AdjustedPixmap pxm_grad_scoop.png
TitleStyle Inactive Solid #948c84 – Flat

DefaultFont xft:DejaVu Sans:Medium:Book:size=14[/code]

Turned out to be an easy fix, and something which should’ve occurred to me right away.

TitleStyle \ ActiveUp (-- Flat) \ ActiveDown (-- Flat) \ InactiveUp (-- Flat) \ InactiveDown (-- Flat)