To start thumbnailing from the bottom left ...


In my config, I have this :

Style * IconBox 5 5 150 -5, IconGrid 200 200, IconFill bottom left

and *FvwmIconBoxPlacement Bottom

And the thumbnails are starting from top / left …

Woudl you know how it can be changed ?

Thank you,


Change the IconFill command to read:

IconFill bottom top

… in your style line above.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you very much Thomas !! It worked !!

Greetings !!


I tried it … .i thought it was ok but unfortunately not … I was wrong
oups sorry

The concerned part of my config is :

ColormapFocus FollowsMouse

# default Styles:
# make sure these fonts exist on your system:
Style *           Font -adobe-times-bold-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Style *           IconFont -adobe-times-bold-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
Style *           HilightFore black, HilightBack palevioletred
# border was 7 7 width is horingozntal , handlewith 3 is verical one
Style *           BorderWidth 3, HandleWidth 3
Style *           Icon unknown1.xpm, Color lightgrey/dimgrey
Style *           MWMFunctions, MWMDecor, HintOverride
Style *           DecorateTransient, NoPPosition
#Style *           IconBox 0 -10 -280 -1
Style *           FocusFollowsMouse
Style *           TileCascadePlacement
Style *       SloppyFocus, IconBox -70 1 -1 -140, Iconfill bottom top
#*FvwmIconBoxPlacement Bottom 
#Style * IconBox 5 5 150 -5, IconGrid 200 200, IconFill bottom top
*FvwmIconBoxPlacement Bottom 
Style *           TileCascadePlacement
Style *           EWMHUseStackingOrderHints

Style FvwmTaskBar !Iconifiable
Style gdesklets !Iconifiable
Style gdesklets-daemon !Iconifiable
Style kicker !Iconifiable
Style kmix Icon
Style kmix Iconic
# Icon related configuration

#Style * IconBox screen w 130 5 -130 -200, IconGrid 74 10, IconFill bottom right
#Style * SlipperyIcon, IconTitle

#Style * IconTitleColorset 24, HilightIconTitleColorset 25, IconTitleRelief 1

I dont really know what is wrong … .to get icons on the bottom of the screen when thumbnailing them …

Greetings, & Thank you


The parts of your config you posted don’t really concern me. Can you post
all of it in its entirety – preferrably into a pastebin, or uploaded to a
webserver somewhere, rather than just pasting it directly as a reply to
this, please.

I suspect there’s something in your Thumbnail functions.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,

Please you may find my config here :

Thank you very much thomas !!



I see what the problem is. The order of your “Style” lines is very important (to read more about this see here: … styles.txt )

Essentially you have:

Style * IconBox screen w 130 5 -130 -200, IconGrid 74 10, IconFill left top

defined after the line you want which is:

Style * IconBox 5 5 150 -5, IconGrid 200 200, IconFill bottom top

The order is such that Style lines are logically ANDed together – the last line cancels the previous one out in effect. This is not want you want. So comment it out.

Not to mention that (and I mean no disrespect), your config file is a mess. You have massive amounts of code duplication – and I can already see “Style” lines embedded in functions that ought not to be there. Depending on how and when they’re called, they too might override your settings.

– Thomas Adam