Toggling maximized whilst removing the Handles and Border


I currently have a function to toggle a window maximized and remove the handles and border.

AddToFunc ToggleMaximized
+ C ThisWindow (!Maximized) WindowStyle HandleWidth 0
+ C ThisWindow (!Maximized) RecaptureWindow
+ C Maximize
+ C ThisWindow (!Maximized) WindowStyle HandleWidth 7

It is a bit naff and uses the deprecated RecaptureWindow function. Without it when it maximizes and removes the border, there is a gap left between the window and the screen edge where the border would have taken up.

Is there a better way?


In FVWM 2.6.8, I added a “Fullscreen” option to Maximize, hence you can now do: “Maximize Fullscreen”.


Ah brilliant. Thank you. That will likely be more robust.

EPEL only has Fvwm 2.6.6 but I will have an attempt compiling from source. Most importantly, if Recapture* ever does get removed, I can use the Maximize Fullscreen as a replacement.

You don’t need to use RecaptureWindow.

Its getting there, though I have noticed that programs such as Firefox or Gimp remember the size so when they start, they start the same size of their maximized state but are infact not maximized.

I have a hack to set the max windows size to 90% and then on resize (and maximize) bump it back to 100%.
Again pretty naff but I am not sure there is another way.

I guess ideally windows that were closed whilst they were maximized should start up again maximized (I assume there is some window system standard for this?)