Too-tall Subpanels

Hey everyone!

I’m loving NsCDE so far, it’s really fun to work with. However, I have an issue with my subpanels. There is strange empty space labled “WindowName” above the application icons, and the subpanel titlebar always says “NsCDE-Subpanel$d”. Which file should I edit to solve this?

I’ve attached a screenshot. Any help is appreciated.

I’m unsure how often the NsCDE author visits these forums. You might want to file an issue at their github site for this.

Dang, I had hoped he’d post here. I’ll go file an issue on the github repository.


You have installed NsCDE for fvwm3 with FvwmButtons which has new WindowName option. Install with “-w”, not “-f”. For example, ./Installer.ksh -w -n -i
See FAQ: NsCDE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) · NsCDE/NsCDE Wiki · GitHub