I’ve had no end of emails from people lately being nasty and rude to me - despite my best efforts to help them with their FVWM problems. It seems even that isn’t good enough.

So I’m off. Taking a very long break. It’s been fun, but I’ve had enough. You can contact me by email if someone dies, but until then…

– Thomas Adam

:frowning: Sad news

Even if I don’t know -and it is not my business either- the details, I
can only say that it is sad to see you leaving. Everyone around here
knows how valuable your help has been in so many cases that I can’t count.

I hope to see your around at least in the mailing lists, though they are
not that active lately either.

Sometimes people assume that because you are an admin or an advanced user
you MUST help them at any cost, and that is an error. We all are here
on a voluntary basis. I don’t know if that was the case, but it is the
most common one, I think.

In any case, I hope that the break is not forever. See you, Thomas

– Jesús Guerrero

Sad to hear it :frowning:

Enjoy your break and hopefully I’ll hear/write you soon :slight_smile:


From now on, I will act only in an advisory capacity, correcting the mistakes of others in the answers they give [1], The same goes for IRC, and I suppose includes the definition of answering those questions no one else can.

– Thomas Adam

[1] And as arrogant as this might sound, there’s surpringly a large number of them. Still, someone has to learn eventually.